day 20 with no shampoo

So when I was first approached to do this challenge I was excited because I hate washing my hair but I have greasy hair so its a must. From the creators of Bumble and Bumble is this new product New Wash I am now 20 days in with ditching conventional harsh detergent shampoos and I couldn’t be happier. My hair […]

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Staying fresh with Humble Brands

$8.00 every 3 months with 1 month free trial and a $1.00 sign-up fee

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Humble contains four to five organic and all-natural ingredients that you can pronounce (and might, in fact, have in your own kitchen). Humble is both effective and safe, containing no aluminum or parabens while still keeping you dry and free of offensive odors. We take the care to manufacture our deodorant in small batches right here in America. With the fewest ingredients of any deodorant on the market, Humble is the simple solution to a stinky problem.

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Summer with Babo BOTANICALS

living so close to the beach we have to be very careful with the sun. that’s why we only use Babo Botanicals  safe. natural. works. Working with this company has been an honor. ☀️Introducing the 1st 100% Zinc Sheer Continuous Spray SPF 30 sunscreen for the entire family. Babo’s fragrance free sunscreen is perfect for extra sensitive skin, protecting your family […]

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I have teamed up with the creator of Bumble and Bumble Michael Gordon. And his revolutionary new product New Wash! Michael knew something was missing int the beauty industry and how damaging every day washing of hair with synthetic shampoos can be, so he created the brand Hair Story. Say no to shampoo. New Wash is the new way to […]

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