– mama bear travels – what’s in my bag 

We’ve all been there.

Days before a trip and the stresses that come with it.

This time I’m not even packing for my cubs,

it is just my hot hubs and I.

You would think that makes it easier


Now I’m stressed about leaving the boys behind and making sure lessons are completed.

Thankful for my mom and brothers who are always willing to help!

I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what’s in my bag

when there are no KIDS tagging along and travel is involved.

Mama Bear Travels 

First off

although there are no kids with me,

I am using my Freshly Picked Diaper bag for travel,

its so functional, comfortable and stylish.



What’s in my bag :

1. Pura Stainless

I can’t leave home especially traveling, without my Pura Stainless container. Although I can’t bring water through the security check point, as soon as I make it through to the shops, I can easily refill my bottle and it keeps my drink nice and cold.


2. My Camera


I will have both my vlog and my DSLR camera with me this trip. I mean I joke that my DSLR is my fourth child, but I’m kind of not kidding. It’s the photographer in me, there’s no place you’ll catch me without my camera. Whether the boys are with me or not, there are always memories to capture and beautiful images I need to get.

3. GreenerWays Organic Spray

Germs!!!!! I spray the doorknobs, the tray table and the airport seat. Yes, I am that crazy woman and I have no shame in my game. Sickness is no joking matter when you have kids and I try to avoid it at all costs!!

4. My IPhone

Well that’s a given right ?

5. Essential oils

Where I go my oils go,

well the ones I cannot live without. My women’s blend Clary Calm to keep me sane and my On Guard throat drops to keep me once again protected from sneezing people on the plane. I will also have Lavender oil and Cedarwood in my carry on luggage 🙂


Well that is it! Traveling without the cubs sure makes for a lighter bag.



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Happy Friday friends!



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