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Although I don’t really want to admit this, summer is on fast forward to being over.

This means back to school for not only one kid, but two this year.

One of the hardest things for me is to plan lunches and snacks that I feel good about giving the boys.

Goldfish® are always baked with real cheese, and there’s no artificial flavors and preservatives.

With our busy co-op schedule and baseball season, it is a favorite in our house.

I usually have at least one bag in our car, one in my purse, and a big supply in our pantry.

I not only pack them in school lunches, but because they come in different sizes, I use them in our home life too.

Whenever the kids come home from their co-op, they act like they haven’t eaten for days.

That’s when I grab Goldfish® and we usually talk about what they learned and do some homework while we snack on them.

We sometimes use them to create math equations or write out letters to help them get through their after school work.

Growing up I remember always eating Goldfish as a snack and now it feels good to pass on the Goldfish moments with my boys.

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