I have teamed up with the creator of Bumble and Bumble

Michael Gordon.

And his revolutionary new product New Wash!

Michael knew something was missing int the beauty industry and how damaging every day washing of hair with synthetic shampoos can be, so he created the brand Hair Story.

Say no to shampoo.

New Wash is the new way to clean hair with aloe and essential oils

– instead of detergent – to respect the natural moisture barrier.

New Wash works on EVERY type of hair, and you’ll never need conditioner again to mask the damage that shampoo and detergent cause.

Rediscover your hair, restore its vitality, and prepare to be amazed.

Some facts about whats in New Wash :

Aloe juice, and oils of Jojoba seed, Sunflower seed, and Peppermint cleanse instead of detergent.
– Respects hair and scalp
– Preserves color
– Detangles
– Eliminates frizz
– Saves water, time, and money
– No need for conditioner or masque


In a few weeks I will check back in with you guys and let you know how it is going !!




700-700 newwash box bottle



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