LipSense Review

As a busy  homeschool Mom of three many things I used to do

I can’t  anymore or  they just aren’t a priority

Wearing something other than yoga pants or

the thought of applying makeup is always on the back burner.

A friend of mine became an Independent Rep for lipsense

with the intent to build a home based business so she could contribute financially and

continue homeschooling her son

She approached me and asked if I would do a review of her Lipsense

I admit it took me almost a week to even try the color on

Reason being no time

no makeup

not worried about  looking cute so why throw on lipstick ?

So  one night last week I decided to remind my husband that I don’t always look like a

zombie mom and actually did my hair and makeup and gave the lipsense a try



I immediately contacted her saying how impressed I was

Lipsense is the the pick of the Hollywood Stars.

This highly unique lipcolor is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks

stains or long lasting color.


Trust Me! You will  NEVER go back to traditional lipstick…



It’s Guaranteed and has a 27 year patent

Your perfect pout is waterproof and will not kiss-off


rub-off or budge-off!

I tried multiple times to get it off and couldn’t

one of my favorite things is usually my lips get so dry with long wear lips stains but not with LIPSENSE !

You are only able to purchase this product through a rep so if you are interested please hit the link below to try it out from my sweet friend and homeschool Mama


Even on busy days when our hair is a mess a quick application of one of the many Lipsense

colors and you instantly look put together

You put it on once and forget about it, which is a win win in my Mama bear eyes !

At the bottom of this post is a funny video of Marco and I trying to get the lip sense off with my coffee cup and kisses !

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